A castle is the formation of pieces defensing kings.

As Shogi is the game of capturing enemy's king and saving your king from captured, stronger castles are considered as good.

Most castles are consist of three generals and builded in opposite side of the rook.

Three famous castlesEdit

Yagura Castle(矢倉囲い, Yagura-gakoi)

Mino Castle(美濃囲い, Mino-gakoi)

Anaguma Castle(穴熊囲い, Anaguma-gakoi)

Other Castles in Shogi Edit

Funa Castle(舟囲い, Funa-gakoi)

Igyoku(居玉, Sitting king)



Castles derived from Three famous castles Edit

Katamino Castle(片美濃囲い)

Takamino Castle(高美濃囲い)

Ginkanmuri Castle(銀冠囲い, Silver crown castle)

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