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There are eight kind of pieces in Shogi. Six of them can promote and change its move.

Following is a table of the pieces with their Japanese representations and English equivalents. The abbreviations are used for game notation and often to refer to the pieces in speech in Japanese.

Shogi Koma Ryoko

Closeup of shogi pieces. Top: +R, R, K (reigning), K (challenging), B, +B. Bottom: +L, L, +S, S, G, N, +N, p, +p.

English name Image Kanji Rōmaji Meaning Abbreviations
Shogi osho 王将 ōshō king general K ō
Shogi gyokusho 玉将 gyokushō jeweled general K gyoku
Rook Shogi hisha 飛車 hisha flying chariot R hi
Promoted rook
Shogi ryuo 龍王 ryūō dragon king +R 龍 or 竜* ryū
Bishop Shogi kakugyo 角行 kakugyō angle mover B kaku
Promoted bishop
Shogi ryuma 龍馬 ryūma or ryūme dragon horse +B uma
Gold general
Shogi kinsho 金将 kinshō gold general G kin
Silver general
Shogi ginsho 銀将 ginshō silver general S gin
Promoted silver Shogi narigin 成銀 narigin promoted silver +S (全)
Knight Shogi keima 桂馬 keima cassia horse N kei
Promoted knight Shogi narikei 成桂 narikei promoted cassia +N (圭 or 今)
Lance Shogi kyosha 香車 kyōsha incense chariot L kyō
Promoted lance Shogi narikyo 成香 narikyō promoted incense +L (杏 or 仝)
Pawn Shogi fuhyo 歩兵 fuhyō foot soldier p fu
Promoted pawn
Shogi tokin と金 tokin reaches gold +p と (or 个) to

* The kanji 竜 is a simplified form of 龍.

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