This page will introduce you informations about Shogi available on the Internet. If you find good webpages, feel free to add to this page!

First Introduction Edit


Shogi in the Limelight(PDF file)  - much information about Shogi in historical and cultural viewpoint.

Portals Edit

Strategies Edit

HIDETCHI's video series - Lessons of How to play Shogi - Video series on Youtube. Excellent introduction for novices/beginners.

Shogi Vault - Shogi Strategies from opening to endgame. Very good information for any player.

Blogs Edit

Takodori's Entrance to Shogi World - Information about Shogi events, news, resources, proffesional Shogi players.

yamajunn's shogi News - Proffesional Players' games. You can view up-to-date games and strategies of proffesional Shogi players.

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